Meet The Team – Bowzer Box

Meet The Team

Pamela is the BARK of Bowzer Box

She is the Founder, CEO and heart our business. Pamela was born and raised in Northern Ontario and later moved to the southern Ontario area. She has 25+ years of business experience and is highly recognized for her motivational leadership to incorporate fun into a strong successful business.

Pamela developed the bark of the brand after researching the popularity of monthly dog subscriptions. At the time, all of the monthly subscription boxes for dogs were US owned and operated. Bowzer Box became the FIRST Canadian subscription service exclusively for our dogs ! HELLOOO  !! We LOVE this !! (woof !) 

Pamela was inspired by her passion for dogs and her business plan is guided by strong Canadian values that bring Canadian suppliers and manufacturers to the forefront of Bowzer Box choices. She wanted to include as many small and local businesses as possible, providing customers with the best of  what Canada has to offer.

Pamela loves all things food; If she wasn't in the dog business, she’d be a professional foodie, for sure. Pam also loves to sing and dance. Lets just leave it at that. At least, Quinny appreciates it. 


Dean is the BITE of Bowzer Box.

He is the Director of Operations and oversees all of the shipping and handling of our quality products. Dean makes sure your monthly subscription box makes it to your door.

Dean takes a strong paws-on approach to Bowzer Box business and he is probably the face you see at all of our event participation and community outreach projects and pawrtnerships. 

Dean loves sports. He’s still pursuing his life-long dream of working for the Toronto Blue Jays. Pups and baseball, what a combo !! So if you’re reading this Toronto Blue Jays, we highly recommend Dean for base runner, bat boy or General Manager ! (woof !)



Jamie is the tail wag of Bowzer Box. We LOVE her !!

Jamie was an integral part of the initial development of Bowzer Box.  You might have met Jamie’s puppy loves, Turkey and Duck, as they made some appearances at a few of our events as our public relations ambassadors..

Jamie graduated from McMaster University in 2010 with an Honours BA in Linguistic Cognitive Science and Comparative Literature !! Interesting, right ??!! We KNOW !! (woof!)

Here’s another cool barking fact about Jamie. She now is living in the Cayman Islands with her husband and travelling the world! Jamie’ we’re packing our bags and coming for a visit, ok ?


Quinny is head of Quality Control at Bowzer Box.

She loves her job so much that we often find her taste testing other things, like her fave, potato chips. Ohhh Quinny !

Quinny is a miracle puppy and was a big inspiration for Pamela starting Bowzer Box.

Quinny was born on July 9, 2010 in a field in Field, Ontario (makes sense, right ?).  Her Mom was a pure bred beagle and her Dad was a rottie-beagle mix !! (Don’t ask !).

One week after we adopted Quinny, we had to take her to the vet emerg. She was diagnosed with Parvo which is often fatal for pups. Once contracted, 80% of puppies who have Parvo will not survive.  We believed in Quinny and even though the vet suggested we consider euthanizing her, we gave it one more try and she was on the road to full recovery within 3 days !! I told ya !! A miracle !! Right? (woof!)

Quinny loves potato chips, snuggling and everything that has to do with the cottage….oh ya….except the water !

There ya have it folks/pups - some interesting facts about The Bowzer Box Team.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know us :)